During an adventure one day, I found an old map-plaque of Town Lake, which is actually a river running through central Austin. I used to jog around the trail meandering along its banks when I lived there. Nostalgia prompted me to trace and print it; mapping is of special interest to me, along with exercise and spending time out in nature away from technology.

This was made from an old prohibition poster that I found in a state of decay, many years ago. It seemed like it deserved a new life. 

This is part of a print series I'm working on that explores dried herbarium specimens using a four color CMYK separation technique. 

Is the namesake of Louisiana's state flower. I felt a very special connection with New Orleans on my first visit. Plus, this combines plants AND mapping.

Iris Hexagona.jpg

I like to make prints in my spare time; currently serigraphy is my medium of choice, but linocutting is also in the tool box. I'll update this page as new editions are printed, which really just depends on how busy I am with my day job and other random life factors, like if my dog needs attention.