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I'm a curious UX professional, who is extremely comfortable with ambiguity and heavily biased towards making. Solving difficult problems is rewarding for me; steady thirst for learning helps make that happen. A constitutional desire to enrich the lives of others gets me up in the morning. I take my work seriously, myself, not so much.

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Staying competitive in the 21st century market

Originating a Self-Checkout System

Research shows that shoppers enjoy the experience of being able to shop without waiting in line. So, we set out to design an intuitive and hassle free experience. 

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An extra layer of security for an e-commerce platform

Adding Two Factor Authentication 

Ebay absorbs the cost to buyer for any sale that proves to be fraudulent, which can get expensive. We had to figure out a way of attenuating profit  loss to scammers

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Cisco Systems

Enterprise network diagnostic software

Tools for System Administrators

Cisco Systems has been a big player in the Silicon Valley hardware game since its inception. Now they are moving into the software space, creating tools for server architects

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Machine learning for sales software

Smarter Sales

Worked with a CRM software start-up to create the UI for their brand new product; acting as the only design team member


Connect the Spots

Finding homes for pets in need

Finding Forever Homes

Leveraged technology to help Austin achieve its goal of remaining a no kill city; meaning 95% of pets in shelters are placed in forever homes


Rethinking affiliate marketing

Turning Likes Into Money

Collaborated with a with a local affiliate marketing startup to diagnose the problems with its existing UX strategy and suggest alternative approaches

Urban Design

I was a landscape architect and city planner for a while

Building Experiences in Cities

This work shows how I think about designing for people in  constructed environments and also highlights some of my more exotic graphic skill sets

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